Thursday, July 8, 2010

Funny Ads - American Seafood Festival - will Paul be there?

some time back had started something of an ode to all the creative people out there..but I guess technology takes the cake ..or should I say fish / mussel cake in this case..

Paul the octopus..has been the oracle ...predicting the world cup FIFA 2010 winners...Pauls been right till now..very very psychic eight armed fellow I should say...

with contextual advertising or maybe...too many impressions to be burnt on a CPC deal ;-) (dont kill me guys here..wheres your sense of humor)....

Wonder what Paul - Octopus would like to say about the American Seafood Celebration!! of course the celebration is for a limited time only ;-)

Will Paul be a part of the great American Seafood Celebration??
Would he be able to predict this predcament?
Lets watch the news!! better still lets go celebrate!

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