Saturday, June 5, 2010

Car Views - Dusty Delhi & NCR

Summers in Delhi is fun..especially now that Delhi is become NCR..saw a few sights which ensured that I made good use of the camera on my mobile phone and thought let me share here for whoever is interested. This is the continuation of the earlier stuff tht I had put up..the little known sights of Delhi / India
Some of this stuff is from sites of Gurgaon too..

Yes you guessed this right. These were a bunch of donkeys on busy road. I had parked on the side to take a call when I noticed them..yeah right...I do tend to notice a lot of donkeys in this world LOL. but these chappies were pretty intelligent..they waited for the traffic to thin down...crossed the road...and actually trotted on the sidewalk..Dont know how many of us have this civic sense in us :-). Next time I hope I see pigs..they are too found in abundance here :-)

Dulhan Dahej Hai - The bride is the Dowry
Now thats a good social message on the dowry system. Its a crime to take Dowry by the way

Machine ka Tandha Paani - Cold water from a Machine
 This used to be available for 5 paise a glass now the rates have shot up to a rupee. In summers in Delhi one gets to see these "machines" which use a simple pump mechanism to pump out water in a glass. A boon to all travellers. Sometimes if one is lucky the vendor may also have some lemons and give you an outta this world lemonade.

On the way to Office..towards Gurgaon, Haryana
Well..Thats the "Ship Building" on the right hand side
which is just kind of visible on a dusty morning. can see the building a little bit more clearly

Dust in Delhi is brought about by an onslaught of wind wind..called locally as Loo. Dont confuse it with the word Loo used for the toilets..if you me the experience may not be well liked by you and the people around the delhi Loo is hot and furious.

well now me gotta go..and shut all doors and the winds have started again

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