Tuesday, April 27, 2010

convergence on air and on line

we finally took an idea online...you guys remember the books / novels which we used to read...i guess one can still get them..wherein the reader gets a choice to lead the story to which ever end..while reading..one is asked..go to page 45 if you want the girl to climb the stairs or page 85 if you want the girl to fly..that was one to one..what we did was to create a community for an ongoing program and asked the surfers to tell us what next :-)

have a look

The program is Dil Mil Gayee on http://www.starone.in/.

Click on "petition" to know more

Friday, April 23, 2010

Monday, April 12, 2010

car view...Sights of India..continued

continuing with the sights in India...which everyone sees and sometimes find it amusing and also saddened...but thats how vivid and varied India is..one experiences, sees and hears stuff which are unique to us Indians..got some more ..hope u enjoy

Nehru Place...one of the largest commercial hubs in delhi.

 School time...thats how kids are packed into a tin can with an engine and wheels and taken to school :-)

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Little seen sights of India or are they

while driving around the roads and streets of India one sometimes sees a lot of stuff...which are not usually shown in the touristy sites. now that I have a nice phone camera, the other one is too heavy and big to lug around...i decided to click some of these awesome sights..awesome is just a state of the the person looking at the photos...for me all photos are gonna be awesome :-)

PS: the photographs will be taken by me after stopping the car if I am driving...
Have linked some of the words which would take you various third party sites on which I have no control ;-) if you need more information (general kind) on anything google or bing!.. anything related to what I have written get in touch with me...

wellzzz lemme start with some stuff

Elephant Safari in the concrete jungles
A very common sight in Delhi...you have the four legged pachyderms racing with you. The best part is...if you are looking for some lighter or destressing moments...you can actually go for a small Concrete Jungle Safari on these elephants. What you need to do is...yell out to the mahout (the caretaker of the elephant) to stop..you park your vehicle in a nice place...which does not disturb the flow of traffic and from where the cops dont tow away your vehicle..go near the elephant and go on a ride..INR 20 is all what it takes :-)

The long lonely road to everywhere
This is the road which leads you to Greater Noida fondly called Greater Nevada by moi ;-).
Gurgaon - DLF Cyber City
This is the most busiest part of Gurgaon...the complex has over 8 buildings high rises...and most of the offices are housed here..ESPN, Microsoft, Aircel, Yahoo...the list is a never ending list. best time to go here for peace and quiet would be late evenings on holidays ;-)
Also has some good restaurants...like Punjabi by Nature, etc

Traffic on Outer Ring Road - New Delhi

Its not always this bad...there was a flyover being constructed to ensure smooth flow of traffic to an fro ..and hence bad traffic...thing about delhi road sense is quite similar to the real estate guys around the world...find space so gobble it

Hang on guys!!! we are almost there
 This was on a road which we call NH 8 (National Highway 8) This connects New Delhi and Mumbai and passes through Haryana and Rajasthan etc. Please do not be fooled by these "hangers"..they are I guess just trying out what Airbus tried in their airplanes ..the Standing Seats - where  Passengers in the standing section would be propped against a padded backboard, held in place with a harness, according to experts who have seen a proposal. I guess Indian's are a lot more daredevilizzzz than they appear. :-)

However technologically India may have advanced, we would never do away with our heritage of Carts...you can see a varied variety of carts pulled by a variety of animals...elephants, Camels, Bullocks, Oxen, ...and yeah! sometimes humans too :-)

Dasara, derived from the Sanskrit Dasha-hara meaning "remover of bad fate", is among the most important festivals celebrated in India...This was taken from the the road (yes after I parked the car away from the eyes of delhi cops)..
During this festival..the effigies of Ravan and his two brothers is very common across all parks & open spaces in Delhi and north India..well yes..hard to believe eh!..we do have a apark in every residential locality :-)...and yes delhi is kinda spaced out...that is..there is space except when you want space for parking
the old lady of Jaipur
 Jauhari Bazar - Jaipur...busy street...only retail shops..you name it and you get it here...each street famous for a particular thing...clothes to handicrafts to jewelery to food to shoes to toys to this and to that...
When roaming on a hot october afternoon lugging my camera around...chanced to look up and saw this lady just sitting and looking at all the cacophony happening in the bazaar below...she painted a very pretty picture...been there done it types... another shot of the actual busy street
Look Ma! its a metal bird
On the way to Neemrana fort...we found this airplane parked...see I told you...we have a lot of space here ..on a closer look we figured out that this was one of the planes used to teach the budding pilots who enroll themselves in the School of Aeronatics