Monday, March 29, 2010

How green was my valley...couldnt think of any other title so there!

After spending 37 odd years on this planet we call earth, one really comes to know how much we have advanced in tech, thinking, attitude etc...

Was having this conversation with a young chap ...have copy pasted the same...have a look...

Sent at 5:21 PM on Thursday
 Srinath: did u hear about the fool proof contraceptive?

orange juice?

Shreyas: nup...whats that?

should i google it? 

Srinath: its a contraceptive  orange juice

Shreyas: yea i got that..but Orange Juice is the name or the real orange juice?

Srinath: the real orange juice

when we used to crack this one...we were never asked "should i google it"

Shreyas: ohhh...i got google answers


Srinath: the other chap usually used to say"orange juice???!!! WTF how can that be a contraceptive"

and we used to is the best one....u have it instead of sex

Shreyas: hahah

Srinath: aur ab ka zamana..."should i google it"

am gonna put this on my blog

interesting conversation
So there you have it...what was our mindset 20 years back and the present wonder its sometimes hard to keep up with the Times
Shreyas   have given the credit to you also.