Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Art of Drinking Tea - Desi Style

Tea or Chai ..this is something we Indians have grown up on and us South Indians also have the privilege of growing up on pure invigorating South Indian Filter Kaapi.

This short note is nothing about the types of tea or coffees or anything. Its very to the point on how to drink or sip tea desi style

So lets now get back to the rhythmic chant of Chai Garam up north. Available in every corner of every street, nukkad or gali..outside every office ..in fact everywhere..prices ranging from a measly INR 2 to INR 5, a hot sweet milky concoction which takes you to heaven and back.

The tea stall look something like this

This Ramlal has got nothing to with the Ramlal in Sholay
A typical Chai Wallah 

The art of making tea is something which we can delve into later. For now here how one drinks his tea desi style.. buy tea or chai from any chaiwallah like the one shown above

Stage one post ordering chai, pour the liquid into the saucer

Tea in a saucer

Stage two.. slowly balancing the saucer, take it to your lips..make sure you do not cry over spilled tea

Slurp tea from the saucer

Stage three..drink or sip whatever your choice...and whatever you do you just HAVE to make a LOUD slurrrping sound

Stage four..place empty saucer down and repeat from Stage one

Repeat Stage one to four

Well that's it. How many of us have really enjoyed their tea like this?