Thursday, July 8, 2010

Car Views...Wet Delhi :-)

And then he thundered...Let there be rains...and the parched & arid land of Delhi was something of an equivalent of the great floods (remember Noah or your histoy guys & gals..) ...all thanks to the various civic & CWG authorities of Saddi Dilli....

The last few times had posted some pics on dusty hot delhi...and this I thought let me post some videos of how the rains effect the capital of India. A completly washed look when you just look...washed out when you have to travel...greenery all around...birds chirping...smiles on everyones faces (no not the ones who are driving :-) )...children playing in the rain...yes... to answer one of my mentors question..paper boats are STILL in vogue

And also how inconsiderate some people can be while driving..

check them out

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