Monday, January 4, 2010

these are a few of my favorite things..on a menu :-)

being an internet junkie...i still do not know how to keep this blog upto date with all my silly musings :-)...i guess reading other peoples really informative blogs and articles really take up my time....this time i thought i will be serious about writing what if I am the only person that reads these...but these are good memories for me...recently got gifted a N97...good camera it has and caught a few interesting things on the lens...well was interesting for there...if u dont think this is interesting check the other informative blogs ;-)

being a foodie...sometimes i do look at the menu also..usually call the waiter and ask for the famous stuff of that restaurant...or while walking to the table "stare" at what others are eating usually gets me the best food...but then oming back to the menus...interesting descriptions is what i see

its like a friend of mine who says"what will you expect if you give a camera to a 40 year old man??!!"...not that he is old...but ya he is getting there :-)

sorry sunil nair hehe

well here is one of the menus

A restaurant @ the famous dilli haat serving authentic kashmiri food.."TIN COCK" for the iron man and something hard for the ladies is available here , i say!
Coke guys! if you reading this please note

how about meeting a french beauty named cinderella, giving her an italian smooch on her beautiful lips and then "virgin marry". Now thats a story to be told. and they lived happily ever after..andaz e khusk i say!

lets not forget..both these "taxes are as applicable" for budget for that too.

in terms of the food..Wazwaan is no great shakes..however Park Balluchi is of my favorites..set with Deer Park in south delhi (next to the hauz khas village)...a good place to really enjoy food and service..:-)

well bon apetite for now :-)
happy reading

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