Monday, August 2, 2010

Looking through the window

on the way to aamby valley...sitting i the bus and looking out...driving through the clouds..with cold rain pouring down..i see the other bus wih my colleagues..turning on a hairpin bend ...surreal

Sunday, August 1, 2010


This is a test post from flickr, a fancy photo sharing thing.

Management lessons

Another good manangement lesson...from my pop in law in continuation to the other management lessons that he forwarded me before

One of the earlier ones is HERE


Once Pappu started praying to Ravan and after 1 year Ravan was very happy from the bhakti of Pappu.
Then Ravan decides to give 3 vardans to Pappu.

RAVAN: Say vatsa! What you want?

PAPPU: I want 100 vardans.

RAVAN: But I can give you only 3 vardans

PAPPU: But I want 100 vardans.

RAVAN: No child that’s not possible.

PAPPU: No I want 100 means 100

RAVAN: No I can give you only 3. If you want then take or else I am going.

PAPPU: Ok! But what 3 I will ask, you will give me definitely?

RAVAN: Sure it's promise from Rakshas Raj Ravana.

PAPPU: 1st vardan, convert your GADA on shoulder to wooden bamboo stick.

RAVAN: "Tathastu" and his gada turns into a stick.

PAPPU: 2nd Vardan, put that stick in your ass hole ... deep inside ...!!

RAVAN: (confused but ......) "Thathastu" and in great pain asks Pappu to ask for the third vardan .... ASAP ...

PAPPU: Now are you giving me rest 97 vardans or should I convert that stick back to GADA ?

The moral of the Story: Management will not yield to your simple request until u can give pain in their Ass. 

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A speck in the Universe

saw a very surreal sight today and wished that I had my camera with the zoom with me..but then..captured the scene with my N97 ..these handset cameras are now like ATAWPs...Anytime Anywhere Pictures..

It just makes one really feel that we are smaller than a speck in this vast universe..but then again..all of us are some one :-)

Had to do some photoshopping on the same to show you guys what I a change thanks to the traffic jam..


The actual Photo

Makes s look real small...does't it?