Monday, February 27, 2012

Tryst with Kartikeyan's vehicle

Thanks to my wife, now it’s become a routine for us to visit a temple and then a great breakfast or a brunch someplace in Delhi. Trying to inculcate the godliness into my son and me :-)

So we started frequenting the Sree Swaminatha Swami Temple  in New Delhi. A temple where I used to be taken to when I was a kid. The temple is fondly called "Malai" Mandir by the Delhities or "Malay" meaning hill and not its situated atop a small hill.

A beautiful place..quiet and houses the sanctum sanctorum of Lord Swaminatha or Karthikeya or Muruhgan, S/o The Original Dude Siva 

This is where we found one of the Peacocks roaming around as it was being called for lunch by one of the priests. Yes! They get a lot of respect..more than the people who come here to worship the idols. The peacock or Parvani as its called is the vehicle of Karthikeya..

ok now need to go..will post the rest later

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Ahh! Lunch is served

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