Monday, March 21, 2011

3 Idiots..a sequel?

Got this mail from a friend of mine today and said that I have to share this. A typical 3 idiots

At Heathrow airport, an announcement goes out over the Public Address system:
'Mr.Rand Chod Kar Sandaas !
Mr. Rand Chod Kar Sandaas - please report to the Reception desk'.

Ranchhodbhai Karsandas, who has just arrived from Surat , goes red with anger.
He goes to the reception, and shouts loudly to the English receptionist.
The following conversation must go into the history books of cock-ups:

Ranchhodbhai: 'Madar Chod ! I am Ranchhod..
Receptionist: 'Mr. Madar Chod Rand Chod ? Sir, that is not the name I have here..I have Mr. Rand Chod Kar Sandaas....

Ranchhodbhai: 'Arrey Bhenchod ! I am NOT Madar chod!!!'
Receptionist: 'So are you Mr. R.A. Ben or Mr. R.A. Chod? Is your surname Ben or Chod ?'

Ranchhodbhai: (now really really pissed off screams his guts out) 'Chootia !

I am Ranchhod..

Receptionist: 'Excellent sir, so who is Chootia then ???'

Whereupon, a Chinese gentleman ambles up to the Reception and asks:

'Were you calling me?'

Receptionist: 'Now, who are you?'

Chinese: 'I am Choo Tia......'

Ranchhodbhai decides to fly back to Surat !!!

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