Monday, October 4, 2010

Istanbul - wow :-) a place very similar to India

Will write about the trip some other time but would like to share some of the non touristy sights with who ever is interested
have a look

The Flag
One sees the the Flag of Turkey fluttering in he wind at almost every corner.
Break the rules
 Just like in India, drivers in Istanbul break rules with nary a care in the world. The next cab which turned in fact crashed into a noone got hurt :-)

 Yes...this is also rampant...seen in the oldest church also

 This is one of the best passtimes..saw a lot of people laughing , reading and chatting their worries in the parks
Trinket Maker
 This lady was making trinkets with beautiful greek designs..lovely

 Corn seller..boiled or roasted..for a lira a delicious anytime snack

 This is something this place is famous the end of three days..kinds got fed up of eating these nuts

Roadside Cafe'
 Seen across almost all streets..beware you Indians..beef is more of a staple diet here

Tea in a glass so beautiful
 Rest laster ;-)

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