Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Mumbai Terror

This was a reply to a mail I wrote

You know what! something that I have been thinking for quite sometime now...i was about 500-800 mtrs away when the mehrauli blasts happened. Years back I was outside the railway station when there was a blast there (was too young to comprhend the complexities) What happend after that...lives were lost..then??/..............nothing..Delhi saw a series of blasts recently....all of of it lost in the archives of the mind, internet(do a google search all will come back)...... How come noone went around showing so much of anguish at those times...candles, this that etc. This time we chappies..who are among the "haves" have seen terror in places where we go to..the taj, oberoi, JW mariot in pak etc and sudeenly we guys are i think shocked to our senses and wake up saying "%^%*&& this can happen to us" Why did we not show this agression towards media politicians etc etc..when the first terror attack happend in India. If we had done that maybe the mumbai blasts wouldnt have happened, maybe innocent lives of the poor and the rich may have been saved..maybe....... I guess it takes the educated classes of India to wake up when it actually happens to us. Guess the Time and The Place really matters ;-) Oh yes another thing...In delhi alone there are some many monuments which are over 200 years old which are lying in a complete shabby state. People shit and piss there, homeless stay there, birds and bats live there...they are all supposed to be Heritage buildings.....but we all are mourning that the Taj is violated..jesus...when will we guys grow up...when will media become more .......... Sorry I did a reply all to Anshula's mail, but had this going on for some time now in my head so thought let me ramble a little bit :-)Apologies if I hurt anyones sentiments..

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