Saturday, August 2, 2008

थोट्स २ थिंक about

Well thats the way I get rid of the stress..sometimes its good to scream your blues away that scream to the tune of "Doe a Deer a female deer...'well that should certainly get rid of your stressssss
Some thing to think about in this crazy mad & "Networked" world :-)
When you tell others that "Get a life" make sure you also tell them to go right ahead and LIVE it :-)
Another food for thought: - flicked it from some book
The irony of the rat race is that the winner is always a RAT ;-)....It is going to take some time for me to become King that was a good book..anyone read it...Now the rat is bcom the wireless MOUSE ;-)
YET Another food for thought: - Famous saying from a close friend of mine
The only thing constant in life is Change!
Just when I became used to today, along came tomorow!<
I am Srinath Iyer
A fun loving guy with a positive "Microsoft" outlook in life. Been with Media Advertising and the Internet for sometime now (12 years) which makes me prehistoric considering we live in an Internet world

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