Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Women Entrepreneurs up close in Dilli Haat!

One fine warm wintry Sunday, decided to go to Dilli Haat to hunt for a copper finger ring for my son. Did not get the ring, but yes, the new theme was pretty fresh.

The Ministry of Women and Child Development had organised an exhibition on the Women of India in Dilli Haat.  Women artisans and entrepreneurs from across India had their various products displayed.

As usual there were your usual press photographers, and of course many other photographers armed with their DSLR cameras and fancy lenses and tripods, shooting anything and everything that moved or did not move. :-)

This inspired me to whip out my cell phone,- a Samsung Galaxy Note 3, and I too joined this gang of shooters, and celebrate the Women of India festival.

Have a look at what I saw.

Katputhlis or puppets from Rajasthan

Nimbu Mirch ka Totka
This is an ancient Indian charm, which comprises a lemon and a few green chillies strung up together. Supposed to ward of evil.

Scientific reason: the smell keeps of the insects.

These are fancy replicas of the same. 

Husband Wife Katputhlis - Their backsides ;-)

Husband Wife Katputhlis posing for the camera

The  Puppet ArmyThen there were these varied colorful trinkets which go by the name of Bangles, Anklets, Ear Rings, Finger rings etc. What interested me was that these were all handmade and also the amount of people buying them :-)
Ear Rings

Beady Bracelets
Gem Stone necklace
Tribal Necklace

More Trinkets
Gem Stone Rings
Well, ! where women are men will follow :-). Saw this chappie looking very forlon in the midst of all the women. Straightened up immediately when I told him that his photograph is to be taken.

Children cannot be far away :-)
Singh is King :-)

the Indian one string violin

And where children are, Toys ARE!

Glass Ganesha


Fake Flowers

Cobblestone Path
Soulful Soles

Grass Baskets

Beautiful! Expensive!

Fish Out of the water


Inventory Taking


Professional Photographers

Pickles from Kumaon
These were delicious!

Women making the other women rich

Funny Menu Delicious Food


So now we know our future! we return home with empty pockets!

Buddha in Metal

Buddha in Marble

my favorite

Key Rings

Silk Shawls

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The Chinese Factor
More Chine tribal art

Coins you don't see
More Coins

Ganeshas Cloned

Kid Art