Thursday, April 19, 2012

You Read They Learn

Love the new Hindustan Times campaign. An innovation for sure after a very long time.
The timing also is very perfect with the Aamir Khan Satyamevjayate show

Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Indian Fridge..Ahh Nostaligia

My first brush with a pot was when I was a little kid...our kiddy gang used to go for morning walks and adventures into JNU and "Priya ke Pahadi".  Priya ke Pahadi it was called as these were small hills with a few ponds in between them and were next to the Priya Theater.

For those who came in late..hehe pun intended..Priya is now PVR Priya in Basant Lok, Vasant Vihar. The Priya ke Pahadi is where the huge 3 air-conditioned malls stand now and India's biggest car manufacturer Maruti is located..Nelson Mandela road, Vasant Kunj

Now that history and gyaan given..let me get back to Pot :-)..Within these pahadi, there was a tree which looked like a Cock..there go your dirty minds on a wild run again..

Cock as in the rooster..see pic below..and imagine it in a shape of a tree..

Cock AKA Rooster
We used to call it Murga Paed or the cock tree.. and under this tree there used be a pot which was kept by the workers who were blasting the hills and the rocks with dynamite..(guess this was to make those roads which now take us to Gurgaon and the place which we now know as Vasant kunj)...OK guys am NOT that old

And we kids used to walk that 5 km walk one way..through the bushy brushy jungle..wade through the ponds just to drink that sweet water from that pot..FYI Pot here is NOT grass, ganja, was a clay pot.

The next time I got a pot was in college..had a bachelors pad in Bangalore.. and I being from delhi used to cold water from a the pot in Bangalore..aah those were the great days

So what made me go back in time? My wife asked me to get a pot! and this one has a tap too..the only difference..the pots which I had earlier were filled with water from the earth ..a hand pump..this one is RO water..but the sweet earthy taste and smell of the water and the quenching of the thirst still takes me back in time

The Indian Fridge

Friday, April 6, 2012

Yes I collect these :-)

Though of sharing some blokes that I have collected and kept for some time now :-)

some of them partying