Friday, May 28, 2010

A moment in time

New York Times online did a photoblog on May 2nd 2010. A very brilliant concept. People across the world were to click a photograph @ 2030 hrs, whereever they were at that time and upload. This was called A Moment in Time

One should look at the moments captured by people across the world. Something billiant.

The moment I captured

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

the real you?

some thoughts...

who is the real you? the one which you portray on all your social network sites, your blogs or the one you talk to when you sit with yourself and thats a question thats kind of haunting me now...who does one believe? the line between reality and virtual is getting blurred that one sometimes becomes "patholigical believer" in ones own online avtaar. yes, agreed, sometime it is introvert would suddenly become an extrovert, a sad man..a happy man and the likes. But where does that leave one? living in a surreal world of perception where reality is nothing but a click of a mouse and a keyboard?

Social media today seems to have taken over everyones life...taken over everyones life so much that one is so addicted that he has to tweet and check his page on facebook or orkut or wherever every second of the day..once upon a time it was mail, then came the blackberry and now twitter, facebook, mysoace and what not.

Who controls who here? does the technology control us or do we control tech? who are you really friends with? the virtual identities of your friends list on any SNS or the eal them...

personal and professional life is now the same...refernce checks are done looking at ones profile on FB and looking at the messages there conclusions are drawn..right or wrong one knows. does one find the real you when doing these checks?

who is really the real you? one wears a lot of masks the same way they wear a lot of hats! which mask one wears usually depends on who he is meeting face to face. wearing a mask does become necessary..biut online which is the mask one it one or many all at the same time..leaving the person confused...leaving others confused?

who is the real you?

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

convergence on air and on line

we finally took an idea guys remember the books / novels which we used to read...i guess one can still get them..wherein the reader gets a choice to lead the story to which ever end..while is asked..go to page 45 if you want the girl to climb the stairs or page 85 if you want the girl to fly..that was one to one..what we did was to create a community for an ongoing program and asked the surfers to tell us what next :-)

have a look

The program is Dil Mil Gayee on

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