Friday, November 6, 2009

All Farts No Shits = Global Warming???

"Cow Farts: Global Warmers Or A Load Of Hot Air?" This article by Anra Kennedy's was refered to me by Kapil Ohri of Afaqs.

After reading the headlines of the article, it just prompted me to look at the fact if it's cow farts can be categorized as Global Warmers, why not all the other chappies in this world...guess their hot air and farts apart from raising a stink also do contribute to the global warming..heheh

now i need to think about this and put my thoughts or you could say the farts (hehe - devious laughter") in place and talk bout all the farts that I have met.

Would like contributions I am sure..everyone would know a fart when they see one..

rest later

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Asterix & Obelix! AAh Nostalgia


I still read them Got the entire collection :-)

 Questions for all of us..

which among the two birds is more free? :-)

Is freedom a perception or a reality?

is perception the reality?